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Shooting Portrait Pics – Instagram Contest - Winning Portraits!

Best Portrait Pic - Instagram Contest
Team miggo is happy to announce the winners of its Instagram Portraits Contest.
Kudos to all photographers who participated and sent awesome shots.
Are you ready for our next contest? It’s going to be dark! Night Shots Contest.
Action Pic Contest Winner - Judge's Choice
Judge’s pick – Woman with a hat
Winner: Liz from the Bronx, New York, U.S
Why we chose this picture?

At first glance the viewer’s eye lingers on the woman in blue. Her gaze is turned toward an object outside the frame, and her blood-red lipstick is a nice contrast to the blue dress. She is classic elegance and wears a hat that is undoubtedly meant to declare: I am here, deal with it! But a second look reveals its reflection on top of a window with interesting geometric shapes. Beside her sits a man wearing a straw hat and a green striped jacket. To his right is probably another woman, with hair trimmed with yellow chrysanthemum. This is a photograph that reveals a bit and conceals a lot more. A wonderful portrait of a mysterious woman in blue.

So here are some answers, by the winner himself:

I am a photographer from the Bronx who loves photographing street art and people who are interesting when it comes to fashion. New York always has interesting people and interesting things to photograph. You never seem to get tired of this amazing city which we call the city that never sleeps. I’ve been photographing for about 13 years which I enjoy doing and always camera ready to capture that perfect shot. I am truly Thankful. Liz

This photo you selected was taken on Easter Sunday at the Easter Day Parade on fifth Ave, New York City I was so excited to go to the parade because you never know what will capture your eyes. I’ve always been infatuated with the 60’s fashion and I came across this beautiful lady standing near a mirror with a beautiful hat and stunning outfit which also had a lovely mirror image reflection. Right then I knew I had to capture this moment.

Most Popular – The Thinker
Winner: ozgeaskiner_kalemtrasfotograf
Prize: Pictar One Plus

About the photographer and the picture:
I am a newborn photographer from Turkey but I am living in Denmark now. Taking photos was always my passion and It has been my professional business for five years.  I usually work with babies who are 4 – 10 days old.  That’s why, I have to get them pose. Firstly, I need to get them deep sleep. Sometimes, that could be really hard. Because, they can be hungry or have some colic pain. After they get in deep sleep, I put them into pose. Some poses are a little more difficult than the others are. For example, frog pose or hands are under the chin pose need to be more attention. Therefore, somebody, generally one of the parents, help me for safety of baby. If you are lucky, baby can stay in this pose without any help or parents help and I cut off them from photo with Photoshop. This photograph is one of mine being lucky. Baby slept easily and I put her in pose in a very quick manner.
1. Random raffle pick #1:

Winner: egle.juzu

2. Random raffle pick #2:
Winner: skyerainephoto


3. Random raffle pick #3:
Winner: Swednesspt

Prize: Splat 3N1 Flexible Tripod

About the photographer and the pic I’m a Swede thats live in Italy since 1993. I’ve got Pentax K50,Canon A1, Huawei Nova Smart, Polaroid Land 1000.
That’s my daughter in the picture. She asked me too be a princess for one day.

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