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How deep is YOUR love? The cave photography of Dinko Stopic

miggoWe are very proud to host Croatian photographer Dinko Stopic. On his latest expedition, Dinko was using his new agua 45 storm-proof holster and was generous enough to share with us some of his fantastic work  along with essential “behind the scene” creator’s remarks.  For more information – check out his website   Dinko, its all yours:

Dinko Stopic:  “Born in 1976 in Karlovac, Croatia. I am a co-founder and active member of the Speleological Society of Karlovac since 1996. I’ve been participating in explorations of more than 100 caves/pits. In the last couple of years I have made photo sessions in maybe 20-30 caves. My photos won several photo contests and were published in many Croatian and foreign newspapers, among the others twice in National Geographic Croatia calendar (2014 and 2016).

The picture above was shot in Pit Olimp. National park Northern Velebit, Croatia. (2014) We have found this pit in 1998, and had few summer expeditions in later years during which we have explored it till -537m of depth. The Photo is taken during explorations in 2014. This photograph is pretty much what I saw at the moment. Man hanging beneath me, lightens space under him. You can see another guy with white helmet standing on the bottom of a shaft. Only one flash is used for this one and I took only one shot. (Canon 5DII, EF24-105 f4 L @ 70mm f/5,1/40 sec, iso 2000)”

02Pit Mandelaja, Ostarije, Croatia. (2014) This pit is known for a long time. I’ve been inside many times before, and had this composition in my head for a long time. Finally, I managed to organize a photo session inside. This is a rare picture for which I had used a tripod to equalize outer light coming from the entrance with one flash emphasizing silhouette of a caver. (Canon 5DII, EF24-105 f4 L @ 24 mm, f/5, 2.5sec, iso1600)

03Tounjcica cave, Tounj, Croatia. (2014) This cave is wellspring of river Tounjcica. I got lucky with this one because it is rare to see these layers of haze in a cave. (Canon 5DII, EF24-105 f4 L @ 24 mm, f/5.6, 1/30sec, iso1600)

04Pit Rokina bezdana, Jezerane, Croatia.(2015) I named this one “Descend into Godzilla’s eye” for obvious reason 🙂 . (Canon 5DII, EF17-35 f2.8 L @ 17 mm, f/5.6, 1/30sec, iso1600)

05Pit Mlohavog borera, Crnopac (Gračac), Croatia (2015). I named this one Crnopac’s bowel. This photo is taken during exploration of the newly discovered pit on Crnopac, Croatia. We named it “Jama mlohavog borera” which means “Pit of flabby auger” because of complications we had with our accu drill. 🙂 This guy hung over this huge underground hall, and he had to take out his flash when I saw this :). One more flash is on the bottom hidden out of composition, lighting another guy standing beneath. (Canon 5DII, EF17-35 f2.8 L @ 17 mm, f/5.6, 1/40sec, iso2000)

_MG_9788Taken while going down into Cerovacka cave, Gracac, Croatia.  I was using the agua to carry my Canon 5D. Really love that bag!

miggo: Thanks Dinko.