PICTAR - iPhone Camera Accessory To Unleash Your iPhone's Camera

Convert Your iPhone Into a Real Camera

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Comfortable ergonomic grip

Feels like a real camera

5 external buttons

Shoots like a real camera

The Best iPhone Camera-grip Ever Built.

Five external buttons for much easier control and way better pictures

Allows connection of most "clip-on" lenses and cold-shoe flash lights

Can be attached to any tripod using a standard tripod attachment

Free app with 10 pre-set modes to maximize shooting efficiency:

Padded pouch, neck and wrist straps included

Fully Funded: 318% On Kickstarter

Pictar had a tremendous success on Kickstarter, and 2,959 happy backers got their PICTARs on previous April - join them!

As seen on TV: Already aired on NBC >>

"Pictar could make your iPhone a better camera than it already is." (Joshua Goldman)

"It’s not just a grip with a shutter button. In fact, the second-most valuable dial allows you to adjust your exposure, there is also a smart wheel for quick access to present modes, but if miggö made the Pictar One with only the shutter button, which locks your exposure and focus, and the exposure compensation dial, it would be worth the $99.99." (David Pierini)

"It was a bit like seeing magic happening because there is no traditional connection between the two devices — that dual-tone system actually works, which is cool when you think of other applications that could benefit from this tech." (Les Shu)